The concept movelution is one of my inventions and it is my way of describing the form of innovation we will see in the future. The word is composed by the words move, which means movement and development and lution, which comes from the words solution, revolution, and evolution.

Today, there are many people who talk about innovation as one of the driving forces/pillars in a modern society. But knowledge and experience show that a lot of what is considered innovation today, is in fact an evolution of existing products. I don’t think that further development of existing products are very innovative in themselves/on their own. In my world it’s a natural process, a natural development equalling that of which we have seen in nature through millions of years.

Creation of the mammal and the first primates was innovation. On the other hand, creation of man is part of an evolution which nature has gone through over millions of years, a process which goes on continuously.

We live in a world that is dynamic, it goes through constant development in which everything is part of, like people, companies, products, production etc.

In my universe, movelution describes what we all know and experience daily. It describes what is in the zone between innovation and evolution.

Movelution is what happens when people and companies create new products. It is within this process with new solutions and new technology that we create products that makes our daily life easier and better.