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I am often in the media either in my role as an inventor or for the position I hold in the inventors’ association –

I have a clear cut stance on the media and how to communicate with them.

I view Journalists who contact me as individualists with a big wish to create unique stories within my field of expertise. When they approach me, it is often about wanting to write about the idea and the person behind one of my inventions or to use some of the products as a case in an article.

It is my job to help journalists in that process, so if they need inspiration or help, I gladly make myself available with the knowledge I have, in the shape of an interview, contacts to manufacturers, distributors, satisfied clients or other inventors. You can also find plenty of exciting inspiration on this page.

The Press writes

Transport Tidende: Cargo 2000 har fået nyt domicil (12. januar 2017)

Transport Tidende: Cargo 2000 rejser sig fra asken (3. januar 2017)

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Jyllands Posten: Storbrand og knivstikkeri i Højbjerg (20. oktober 2016)

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Vivi receives international prize for work promoting female inventors

Vivi elected for IFIA’s business commitee

Vivi indvalgt i IFIAs forretningsudvalg

Vivi back on the board

Vivi tilbage i bestyrelsen:

Vivi appointed as honorary member of the board

Vivi udnævnt til æresmedlem i bestyrelsen:

Vivi receives special award from IFIA in Seoul

Vivi Aakjær modtager IFIA special award i Seoul:

Read an excerpt of Vivi Aakjærs book

Læs et uddrag af Vivi Aakjærs bog:
Det glemte lager

Machine factory turns deficit to profit

Maskinværksted vender underskud til overskud

Woman with control of the metal workers.

Kvinde med styr på smedene

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