About Me

Vivi Aakjær is an inventor, board member of www.ifia.com, co-founder and chairman of the association www.opfinderforeningen.dk and director of Doubleloops

My company is divided into three areas, which collectively makes it possible for me to create an income based on my passion.

  • Inventions: I develop new products, mature the products and bring them as far in the process as possible so that a manufacturer can market and sell the product going forward.
  • Consulting: I help different mixtures of people/inventors/innovators with the different phases of the process – from the good idea, to product maturing, production, marketing and sales. The access to my many years of knowledge through experience, has turned out to be of great value.
  • Lectures & workshops: Many people would like to know more about being an inventor and work with innovation. In my lectures and through workshops, I talk about my experiences, the tendencies I see and how I would go about doing things today, with the experience I have. Many people who are either engaged in commercialising an idea or have a dream of doing so attend my lectures and workshops. They often give me feedback months after, saying my lecture or workshop was just what they needed to get going in the right direction.

Gwiin og EUWIINs prize award in London 12- 14. oct.

On behalf of the entire Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network, we are absolutely delighted that you are to be specially recognised and celebrated for your tenacity, your innovative contribution and inspirational qualities.


Member of General Assambly