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Vivi Aakjær is co-founder and chairman of the association
Board member of and

Meeting at EFO European Patent Office.

Meeting held between the authorities of IFIA and European Patent Organization on Tuesday, October 27, 2015 in EPO headquarters, both parties laid great stress on the rejuvenation of past collaboration so as to provide the inventors more efficient opportunities.

Gwiin og EUWIINs prize award in London 12- 14. oct.

On behalf of the entire Global Women Inventors & Innovators Network, we are absolutely delighted that you are to be specially recognised and celebrated for your tenacity, your innovative contribution and inspirational qualities.

Guest speaker at IFIA in Stockholmsmässan

Read about how I feel conditions for inventors can be significantly improved.



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With one of the most expensive projects in the history of theatre, it puzzled the boy that they had not utilised the creative inventors.

After all, are they not the ones responsible for innovation?

Good luck with the choice/election.

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